Group of happy Cambodian children in village near Siem Reap, Cambodia. Photo Credit: hadynyah/Getty Images

Society Cambodia15. August 2022

Poverty Rate Drops by More Than Half in Just One Decade

The Southeast Asian country of Cambodia saw its poverty rate decline significantly over the last decade or so, a decrease that is consistent with 5the authorities’ commitment to reducing at least 1% of the poverty rate each year.

In 2009, the poverty rate in Cambodia reached almost 40% and in 2020, that rate had fallen to 17.8%, declining by 1.6% annually.

Such a decline is mainly due to a rise in wages and earnings, but also to the launch of Cambodia’s COVID-19 Cash Transfer Programme. Since its inception in June 2020, the government scheme helped some 2.8 million people from 707,000 poor and vulnerable households, a feat mentioned in a recent United Nations Development Programme report on Cambodia, and hailed as a significant positive factor in the country’s poverty rate decline.


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