Coronavirus NHS Workers' Thank You Tribute by local Fine Art artist Kevin McKeon, South London, UK. Photo Credit: Richard Baker / Getty Images

Society United Kingdom11. August 2020

Real Corona Heroes are Now Characters in a Children’s Book

A new children’s book tells stories of people who have helped the health and care service at the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) during the COVID-19 crisis.

“The book conveys the diversity of our health heroes who do a much wider range of jobs than we might imagine,” says Emily Sharratt, the author of the book Health Heroes: The People Who Took Care of the World. “The idea behind the book is that children can find role models all around them.”

The book features people from all walks of life decided to take on a new role and give a hand, like Hassan Akkad, a Syrian filmmaker and activist, who cleans COVID-19 wards to contribute to the safety the NHS staff. Or Helen Wilson, a pilot for BA City Flyer, who offers patients comfort and tea.

The Guardian

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