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Health USA3. December 2020

Use This Ring When Making Love – It Will Protect You Against AIDS

Good Tech-News on World AIDS Day: An American non-profit organization has developed a vaginal ring that prevents women from contracting HIV, bringing them newfound hope to actively better protect themselves against the virus in the future.

Developed by the International Partnership for Microbiocides (IPM), the vaginal silicone ring will first be distributed for use in poorer countries like sub-Saharan Africa, where women face a very high risk of HIV contraction. The ring, says IPM CEO Zeda Rosenberg to ZEIT ONLINE, could be in the market in South Africa and Zimbabwe as early as next year.

Once it is inserted, the ring can stay there for up to two months, releasing an antiviral agent called dapivirine which remains on the mucous membrane and prevents the virus from implanting itself in the body during vaginal sex. After testing its ring on thousands of women, the nonprofit found that the risk of contagion is reduced by more than half when used correctly.


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