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SocietyTechnology The Netherlands23. May 2020

“Beating Heart” in the Sky Honors Healthcare Workers

A drone performance streamed live in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, ended with drones creating the image of a bright red beating heart up in the sky dedicated to the healthcare staff working hard amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Studio Drift, in collaboration with the Virtual Design Festival taking place until June 30, flew their Franchise Freedom drones in Rotterdam on the 75th anniversary of Liberation Day, in a location kept secret to ensure social distancing regulations were respected.

“We have seen during our previous performances that when people see the artwork together, it unites them,” says Studio Drift co-founder Lonneke Gordijn. “They are all looking at the same thing, and feel a part of a collective experience.”

Fellow co-founder Ralph Nauta adds that though art isn’t a solution, “it can create comfort during desperate times”.


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