Pollinators, including bees, face pressure from disease-causing organisms, habitat loss, climate change and other factors. Photo Credit: NurPhoto/Getty Images

Animals United States13. January 2023

Save the Bees: World’s First Honeybee Vaccine

The United States Department of Agriculture approved the world’s first honeybee vaccination to protect against a deadly infectious disease – American foulbrood – found in bees.

“Our vaccine is a breakthrough in protecting honeybees. We are ready to change how we care for insects, impacting food production on a global scale,” says Annette Kleiser, CEO of Dalan Animal Health, the company responsible for the development of the honeybee vaccine.

Beekeepers have been forced to burn bees and hives that are infected with American foulbrood to stop the spread. The vaccine is a breakthrough in that it is both safe and sustainable with Dalan Animal Health affirming that the vaccine is not genetically modified and can be used in organic farming. Pollinators such as the honeybee are essential for promoting biodiversity and producing an assortment of different foods found in a healthy and balanced human diet.


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