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Twibber Stories UAE20. August 2020

School Friends Can Visit after Border Falls

We moved to Abu Dhabi 5 years ago, because my husband, an engineer, was transferred to here. The capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a cool place to live, very family friendly – and not as crazy busy and glitzy as our “sister” Dubai down the road.

One thing always bugged me though: Petra, one of my close school friends had moved to Tel Aviv after her wedding. And although she was theoretically just a three-hour-flight away, we could only meet with very careful planning in other countries, as travels between Israel and the UAE were blocked since decades.

So how surprised I was when I got a note from her last week: “See you soon in Tel Aviv, or do you want me to come to Abu Dhabi?” I only understood, when I read the news below her text: Israel and the UAE want to pick up relationships, sign a treaty that will allow travels for tourists.

I really do not care about the politics behind this, I just feel: The world is getting better with every border that falls! CU soon, Petra!

Marion Westing, 41, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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