Holger Stromberg. Photo Credit: Mike Meyer

Twibber Stories Germany2. June 2020

Star-Chef Taught Me How to not Waste Food

I love to cook, but admit that I often rely on convenience products, and I throw away leftovers.

Now I have learnt about Meal Prep – a nutrition method which makes eating more sustainable and food shopping more foresighted. How it works: You buy food only once a week for the whole week. Then you prepare several meals at once and split them in portions to be frozen, using every product entirely without needing to throw away leftovers or rotten food.

Meal Prep also helps reduce wasteful packaging and CO2 emissions. I learnt about this philosophy from Holger Stromberg, once Germany’s youngest Michelin star awarded chef. He calls it: “Green Cooking for a Blue Planet”. He just wrote a book (“Essen ändert alles”) about it and explains in workshops and podcasts how to use leftovers, how to make your children love vegetables or how to prepare delicious vegan dishes. Nevertheless, Holger doesn’t think too strictly about healthy eating – as he says, he would never renounce a solid Sunday roast.

Marika Schaertl, Munich, Germany

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