A woman and a small child in a village in Gaza Province, Mozambique, March, 2022. Photo Credit: imageBroker/Stephan Laude via Getty Images

HealthSociety Mozambique19. March 2024

Stronger Healthcare for Millions of Women and Children Here

A new 4-year program is set to improve healthcare and nutrition services for over 4.5 million women and children across Mozambique.

“Building Mozambique’s resilience starts by providing better healthcare to children and mothers through a health system that keeps delivering even amidst climate shocks,” says Idah Z. Pswarayi-Riddihough, the World Bank Country Director for five African countries.

The World Bank’s International Development Association is contributing a $100 million grant to the program, while the Global Financing Facility is giving an additional $15 million. Within the health sector, the money is set to strengthen local health teams, upgrade health centres, bring digital tools to train health workers and improve lab tests, among others. Furthermore, the program will focus on providing proper nutrition for young children and tackle both infectious and non-communicable diseases. It is set to prioritize vulnerable persons across 63 districts in Mozambique. Of the nearly 4.6 million people set to reap the program’s benefits, 1.5 million are children under five, 2.3 million are women, and over half a million are adolescent girls. The project supports the national government’s five-year plan and aligns with the forthcoming national development plan.

The World Bank

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