Kletskassa in Jumbo store in Vlijmen, Netherlands. Photo Credit: RTL Z / Matthias Pauw

Society Netherlands3. January 2023

Supermarket Implements a Chatty Checkout, to Help Fight Loneliness

In the Netherlands, a supermarket chain has a special checkout lane for customers who wish to take the time to chat with the cashier in an effort to combat loneliness among the elderly.

Kletskassa, a play on the Dutch word ‘klets’ which means chatty, is a service now offered in 200 stores of the Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo.

Since its inception in 2021, the service has helped thousands of elders and citizens who benefit from it. Kletskassa is one of the services offered through the ‘One Against Loneliness’ program, an initiative to connect companies, organizations, and citizens eager to help the elderly population. Besides the chatty checkouts, a few Jumbo supermarkets also have ‘chat corners’ where customers can share a coffee and a conversation.

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