Two women bend Islamic dress code rules as Iranians shop in Tajrish Square to buy special items to celebrate Nowruz March 20, 2007 in Tehran, Iran. Photo Credit: Scott Peterson/Getty Images

Society Iran22. October 2021

Women Push Capital City to Loosen This Conservative Law

Women in Tehran, Iran will no longer be detained for failing to follow the Islamic dress code. The push from younger, more liberal-minded women gave way to the loosening of the law, originally in place since 1979.

“Those who do not observe the Islamic dress code will no longer be taken to detention centers, nor will judicial cases be filed against them,” explained Gen. Hossein Rahimi, the police chief of Tehran. 

Women who break the dress code will now instead be subject to attending classes given by police officers. If they are found to flout the dress code rule multiple times, there could potentially be legal action. In general, though the dress code does remain in place outside of Tehran for now, the capital city itself is making the first steps toward a more open-minded future. 

AP News

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