School children in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. Photo Credit: Klaus Vedfeldt/Getty Images

Society The World 5. December 2023

Tens of Millions More Educated Girls Than a Short Decade Ago

The latest UNESCO report reveals that 50 million more girls are in school globally compared to 2015.

UNESCO’s Global Education Monitoring Report shows that there are 225 million more girls in primary school, 14.6 million more girls in lower secondary, and 13 million more girls in upper secondary education in 2023 compared to 2015.

Location, social class, and social and cultural characteristics, among others, can all lead to a lower number of females in school when compared to their male counterparts. With concentrated efforts, the progress in women’s education could continue, allowing the 122 million girls still out of school to become formally educated in the coming years. UNESCO hopes to address and invest in various critical areas to ensure the trend increases through 2030 – and beyond. Some of these measures include reducing costs via scholarships and stipends, providing in-school meals, and ensuring well-trained female teachers and staff onsite, among many others.


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