Tesla electric taxi in NYC. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Brendan Miles/CleanTechnica

EnvironmentSociety USA26. September 2023

The Big Apple’s Rideshare Vehicles Are Going Green

New York City, the United States, launched a program destined to transition the city’s rideshare fleet to zero-emission or wheelchair-accessible vehicles by 2030 as part of the Big Apple’s long-term strategic climate plan that benefits the environment, the population, and the economy.

“When it comes to driving towards sustainable and inclusive transportation alternatives, New York City isn’t just along for the ride — in fact, we are leading the way,” states New York City Mayor Eric Adams. “This transformative shift will serve as a turning point, propelling New York City towards a greener, cleaner, healthier future.”

Through the Green Rides program, New York City wishes to create a cleaner and more accessible transportation system by electrifying the high-volume for-hire vehicle fleet without imposing new costs on individual drivers. Over the next six years, the yearly benchmarks will be practical, implementable, and designed to ensure a smooth and efficient transition. As of 2024, 5% of all high-volume for-hire trips will be dispatched to zero-emission or wheelchair-accessible vehicles. In 2025, the benchmark will rise to 15%, and in 2026 to 25%. In the following years, the benchmark will be raised by 20 percentage points, reaching 100% in 2030. With their combined fleet of approximately 78,000 vehicles, Uber and Lyft are committed to transitioning to a greener fleet by 2030. The program will play a major role in implementing PlaNYC — New York City’s long-term strategic climate plan — to protect the citizens from climate threats, improve their quality of life, and build a green economy.

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