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Special Report23. September 2020

THE FUTURE OF FOOD 3: How to Eat Your Pizza with Marijuana – and not Get High

For a century now we know hemp – or marijuana – as a drug that gets high. But for the past years, it has become a trendy, regional superfood. The new thing in stores and restaurants are hemp oil, hemp chocolate, flour, or tea.

Hemp is also found in ice creams, granola, pestos, spreads, and bread. The content of the intoxicating substance THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is so low that you do not get high when eating this new. But hemp is praised as it contains healthy plant proteins, magnesium, vitamins, and essential amino acids. A second substance derived from hemp is becoming the center of attention of a huge industry around the world: CBD (Cannabidiol). According to studies, benefits of CBD could be relief of pain, reduction of acne, or better heart health – without mind-altering effects. CBD oils are usually sold in pharmacies and drugstores, but there are also many other food trends with Cannabidiol, which might seem amusing, bizarre, or just creative. Here are some of them:

In London, the Glow Bar sells croissants filled with CBD-oil. One croissant costs 7 pounds. According to the Mirror, the café owners said about their expensive product: “We wanted to provide consumers with a non-alcoholic solution for overcoming social anxiety and raise awareness about hemp as a wellness supplement.”

In Stapleton, Colorado, the donut shop Glazed & Confused offers seasonal CBD-infused donuts. All of them are freshly baked and free from artificial additives. The claim: Spoil yourself with a good conscience.

CBD pizza is meanwhile quite common in several countries such as South Africa, Austria, or the United States. Spinelli’s Pizzeria in Arizona got some media attention recently because they not only serve CBD pizza but also CBD cocktails. On the menu: a CBD mojito that allegedly prevents a hangover.

The food chain Yogland in Great Britain jumped on the trend last summer with frozen yogurt made with matcha tea powder and CBD oil.

Several companies worldwide have already searched for water-soluble CBD. One of them is a startup company in California, which produces CBD-infused sparkling water. The bubbly water is sold under the name Mountjoy Sparkling. Cheers!

THE FUTURE OF FOOD 4: What to Do with Food Waste? Make Straws, or Vases, or Soil follows next Wednesday, September 30.

Written by Marika Schaertl, freelance journalist, Munich, Germany.

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