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AnimalsSociety USA9. January 2023

The Largest Mink Farm in the Continent Is Shutting Down (Go, Animal Rights!)

The release of 10,000 minks by animal rights activists at the end of 2022, from the largest mink farm in North America, has paid off with the fur farm closing its doors, thus putting an end to its cruel business.

Animal Liberation Front – the animal rights group behind the release of the 10,000 minks in Ohio, USA – is specialized in “economic sabotage” of companies exploiting animals, with goals of making “it more expensive to trade in the lives of innocent, sentient beings” for money, and abolishing “the exploitation, imprisonment, torture, and killing of all innocent, non-human animals.”

Lion Farms, a mink farm located in Van Wert, Ohio, has put an end to its activities, preferring selling the business than dealing with the possible diseases the 10,000 animals released into the wild could have brought back. Minks are among the few animals that maintain their wild instincts even when raised on farms, meaning that they often do well when released back into nature.

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