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Technology China11. July 2022

This EV-Battery Charges in 10 Minutes… and Runs for 1,000 KM!

The third generation of cell-to-pack battery technology of a Chinese battery manufacturing giant has an autonomy of 1,000 km and can be charged in 10 short minutes, making it the most durable and powerful vehicle battery ever designed.

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd. (CATL) claims that its latest EV battery has a “record-breaking” volume utilisation efficiency of 72% and “the highest integration level worldwide so far” with an energy density of up to 255 Wh/kg, being 13% more powerful than the new 4680 battery technology developed by Tesla, given the same volume.

The Qilin battery – named after a legendary creature in Chinese mythology – incorporates liquid cooling that increases fourfold the heat transfer, allowing cells to quickly cool down in extreme circumstances. Thermal control time is thus cut in half, allowing for a hot start in 5 minutes and a quick charge in 10 minutes. No other mainstream manufacturer has yet to produce a battery with such an extended range – it can deliver a range of 1,000 km – as Qilin’s. Expected to hit the market in 2023, Qilin batteries will be installed in Chinese electric vehicle start-ups Li Auto and Hozon New Energy Automobile.

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