New Electric cars made by Volvo, Hong Kong, China. Photo Credit: UCG/Getty Images

Environment Sweden18. April 2024

No More Diesel Engines for This Car Giant!

Volvo has officially ended the production of diesel-engine vehicles.

The last diesel engine Volvo, the XC90, has rolled off the assembly line but will never be sold. Instead, it is headed to the company’s World of Volvo museum in Gothenberg, Sweden where it will be preserved as part of Volvo’s history, marking the end of the company’s 45-year diesel production run.

Due to stricter emissions standards and higher development costs, more and more car companies are turning toward the electrification of vehicles. Volvo announced back in 2018 that it had its sights on diesel-free production, but it is only now making it a reality. For now, the company will focus on plug-in hybrid and fully electric vehicles but will continue producing gas engines. By 2030, the car giant aims to meet its goal of being a fully electric brand. This move comes as car brands worldwide are switching to electric vehicles as the world continues to move toward a greener planet.


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