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EnvironmentTechnology European Union 5. June 2024

Going Green, One Heavy-Duty Vehicle at a Time

The European Union is seeing an increase in zero-emission heavy-duty buses, coaches and trucks.

2023 alone saw 11,000 new zero-emissions heavy-duty vehicles sold within the bloc, up from the 5,000 that were sold in 2022. As of now, Germany, France, and the Netherlands are leading the way in sales.

Heavy-duty vehicles refer to buses, coaches, and trucks weighing over 3.5 tons. The bus segment is seeing the fastest growth rate in zero-emissions vehicles, with electric buses now holding 18 per cent of the total market share. Various manufacturers, both inside and outside the European Union, are transitioning away from conventional diesel vehicles as the demand for zero emissions becomes more and more relevant. Moreover, many of these heavy-duty vehicles are being used for public transportation, which reduces emissions compared to individual cars. This transition can impact emissions within the European Union, and hopefully, other countries around the world will soon join in.

The International Council on Clean Transportation

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