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Technology Japan10. September 2021

Say Hello to the Most Hygienic Toilet in the World

Hi Toilet, the world’s first hands-free toilet, has officially opened to the public in Tokyo, Japan, on a mission to make public restrooms cleaner, more enjoyable, and even entertaining!

With a simple greeting, “Hi toilet,” you may enter the restroom without any need to touch the door. You could also flush the toilet, play music, and wash your hands all by using your voice.

The toilet, designed by Kazoo Sato, was in the works pre-pandemic, with the need for it being exacerbated by the novel coronavirus. “A contactless restroom can highlight the importance of public facilities, and the need for them to be viewed as a commodity, not a luxury,” Sato explained, “[ensuring] public facilities are maintained, cleaned and cared for, for everyone’s enjoyment and entertainment.”

Compared to Siri on the iPhone, Hi Toilet is a revolutionized public restroom, which will soon be available in 17 locations within Shibuya City.

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