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Twibber Stories Germany12. May 2020

We expected Trouble from the Cop – But He just Smiled!

I live in Berlin, where lockdown rules were eased last week, so I went to the park and ran into some friends. And although we all tried to keep distance at first, at the end we were a group of five sitting next to each other on the lawn.

Suddenly a policeman (police here checks if everybody keeps 1.5m apart) came towards us. We all panicked, that we would be in trouble now and would have to leave. But instead, the officer told us gently and with a smile to keep distance, he said: “I know, it is not easy, but please stick to the rules!”  

Of course we immediately made a bigger circle with more space between us – and thanked the officer for his polite way to warning us!! I think at these times it’s so important to have respect for each other. Even if you see someone not paying attention to the rules, that come with coronavirus, you can always stay friendly. :)

Bonnie, 19, Berlin, Germany

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