Crop sprayer in field in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. Photo Credit: The Creative Drone via Getty Images

EnvironmentHealth European Union 25. November 2023

We’re Cutting the Use of Pesticides by Half Across 27 Countries

The European Union (EU) has voted to reduce the use of pesticides by half across the bloc.

The ban will benefit farmworkers, the environment, and civilians alike, as the “abusive use of pesticides makes people sick,” says Belgian Socialist lawmaker Marie Arena.

The target is to reduce pesticide use by 50 per cent by 2030 across the EU, spanning 27 countries. The committee has also recently passed legislation that bans the use of pesticides in designated sensitive areas, including public parks, schools, and around Natura 2000 protection sites. Though the vote received some pushback, the decision to reduce dangerous and potentially carcinogenic pesticides is a win for human health and the environment at large.

Le Monde

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