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Society China23. February 2023

Why This Country’s Population Decline Is Not a Cause for Concern

For the first time in six decades, China has reported its population declined – and there is no need for concern, according to some sociologists.

“China’s population, for example, is shrinking and aging, but its people are more educated and have a longer life expectancy than at any time in the country’s history,” says Wang Feng, a sociologist who specializes in Chinese demographics. “Fewer people on the planet, of course, may reduce humanity’s ecological footprint and competition for finite resources.”

The population decline is due in part to rapid increases in income, employment, and education. It also indicates greater personal autonomy particularly for women as they choose whether or not to get married or pursue professional opportunities before a family. What’s more, women are now obtaining leadership positions at a higher rate than ever before seen in history.

The New York Times

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