In spring 2020, one of the biggest colonies of Duke of Burgundy butterflies was discovered in Dorset. Photo Credit: ImageBroker via Getty Images

Animals UK21. May 2021

This Butterfly’s Population, Once Near Extinct, Is Soaring High

Once the rarest butterfly in the United Kingdom, the Duke of Burgundy’s population is thriving, especially in Dorset, home of the country’s largest colony, thanks to wildlife-friendly farming.

“We have farmed organically for more than 20 years, with no pesticides, sprays, or chemical fertilizers, allowing the wildlife habitat to improve and these rare butterflies to thrive along with many other species,” says John Hiscock, owner of an organic dairy farm.

Over the last ten years, the population of the small butterfly, which lives on chalk or limestone grassland, has increased by 25%. The government supports wildlife-friendly farming, as well as chains of supermarkets like Waitrose which requires farmers to devote at least 10% of their land to wildlife.

The Guardian

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