A general view of The European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre located in Aberdeen Bay on September 7, 2018 in Aberdeen, Scotland. Photo Credit: Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images

Environment Scotland15. September 2020

Wind Turbines Can Now Float on Water, and are More Powerful Than Ever

Wind farms are no longer limited to shallow water thanks to a clever idea: anchored rafts. Because winds are stronger on the sea than on land, this opens new possibilities to countries with shore lines.

At the time the turbines are also getting bigger and bigger: Less than 10 years ago, turbines of three megawatts (MW) were giants. Now, the industry is installing 10MW machines, and designs for 15 to 20MW are ready. The newest turbines will be 150 meters high with a rotor diameter of 240 meters – the length of more than two football fields.

Theoretically if enough of these turbines were built they could produce all the planet’s electricity needs, writes the Guardian. The wind turbine industry is one of the fastest growing in the world.

The Guardian

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