The Santa Marta sabrewing perches on a branch while being photographed for the second time ever in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains of Colombia. Image Credit: Yurgen Vega/SELVA/ProCAT

Animals Colombia16. August 2022

12 Years of Hide-and-Seek: Rare Hummingbird (Finally) Spotted!

In Colombia’s mountains, one of the most elusive hummingbirds has been spotted and photographed for the first time in over a decade, proving that this tiny bird species hasn’t fallen into extinction.

“It’s so incredible to see photos and video of the Santa Marta sabrewing,” says John C Mittermeier, director of threatened species outreach at American Bird Conservancy. “Hopefully, rediscoveries like this will inspire conservation action.”

The Santa Maria sabrewing – or Campylopterus phainopeplus – was first discovered in 1946. It was caught on camera in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Maria mountains for the first time in 2010. The emerald green and electric blue hummingbird was added to the Re:wild Search for Lost Birds project as one of ten birds that have not had a confirmed sighting in a decade or more. Thankfully, these latest photos confirm that the bird still lives in the humid neotropical forests of Colombia.


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