Ethiopians take part in a national mass tree-planting drive within the "Green Legacy" campaign to promote ecotourism in the country, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on June 5, 2020. Photo Credit: Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Environment Ethiopia4. June 2021

This Country Gives Tree Seeds to Its Neighbors in Major Green Initiative

The government of Ethiopia vows to plant billions of trees to curb climate change and erosion, and to give away millions of seeds to its neighboring countries as part of its “Green Legacy” initiative.

Last year, authorities and schools joined forces to plant trees across the country, and today, 84% of the seedlings have grown. By 2022, the government wants to add 10 billion trees on its territory: no less than six billion this year, and an additional 4 billion next year.

Ethiopia takes part in the Great Green Wall project aimed at stopping the desertification of the Sahel. Afforestation initiatives have been completed along the desert, a zone 7,775 km long and 15 km wide. The objective is to have a hundred million hectares saved from desertification by 2030.

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