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Twibber Stories Germany18. November 2020

Marie-Luise is a Proud Member of the Synchronic Swim Team. And She has been for 70 Years.

Being a journalist and a filmmaker I recently did research about elder people and loneliness. Accidentally I met Marie-Luise Jordan who is 90 years old – and all the opposite of a lonely woman.

I was so impressed by her that I decided to do a documentary (“The Isar mermaid”) about her for the German TV channel BR. At her high age, Marie-Luise is in incredibly good shape and very active. She is still interested in learning about other worlds. Her wisdom, wit, and sense of empathy are fascinating. Her fighter nature helped her to overcome many problems in her life, such as bombardments during World War II, miscarriages, and the early death of her husband.

But first of all, her strength is due to her greatest passion – swimming. For more than 70 years she is a member of a famous synchronic swimming team in her hometown Munich and stills enters the public swimming pool three times a week. She also joins a dancing club every week. Marie-Luise’s example gives hope that age can be full of joy!

Petra Wiegers, Hamburg, Germany

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