Bus with passengers driving by power lines in South Africa at sunset. Photo Credit: stevecoleimages via Getty Images

Society Africa16. May 2024

300 Hundred Million People Across the Continent to Gain Access to Electricity

An ambitious effort to provide at least 300 million people in Africa with electricity access by 2030 is underway.

“Electricity access is the bedrock of all development. It is a critical ingredient for economic growth and essential for job creation at scale. Our aspiration will only be realized with partnership and ambition,” says World Bank Group President, Ajay Banga.

The partnership between the World Bank Group and the African Development Bank Group will seek to create renewable energy systems to support hundreds of millions of families and businesses. As of now, 600 million Africans lack access to electricity, which creates significant barriers to healthcare, education, productivity, digital inclusivity, and job creation, among others. Should the partnership reach its goal, ultimately half of the number of people living without electricity access would soon be connected.

World Bank

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