In this, Dec. 20, 2017 photo, Jennifer Rocca, top center, a teacher librarian at Brookfield, Conn., High School, works with freshmen in her Digital Student class. The required class uses Google Chromebooks to teach media literacy skills and has the students scrutinize sources for their on-line information. Photo Credit: AP Photo/Stephen Dunn

Society USA3. September 2021

Teens Will Now Learn to Fight Fake News – In School!

The state of Illinois, United States, will now be the first to add a media literacy unit to its schools’ computer literacy classes, to help teenagers better recognize and fight misinformation on the Internet.

“Because this legislation is required for all schools across the state, the requirement from House Bill 234 to add media literacy can easily be added to the already required computer literacy course,” says State Senator Karina Villa, a Democrat and chief Senate sponsor for the new legislation.

All high schools are now required to add media literacy instruction to their curriculum since “the internet has become the main public square for young people, they debate and discuss politics and news but are also vulnerable to miss information.”

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