Turbines off Block Island, south of Rhode Island. The Biden administration hopes the Massachusetts project will be a model for a sharp rise in offshore wind energy development in the US. Photo Credit: Michael Dwyer/AP

Environment USA20. July 2021

Landmark Wind Farm Will Benefit the Climate and the Economy

President Joe Biden has greenlighted a wind farm project off the coast of Massachusetts, United States, that will provide clean energy to the state’s population by the year 2023.

“It will create jobs that will support families, boost local economies and address climate injustice,” says Interior Secretary Deb Haaland. “More importantly, it will create a new generation of clean energy jobs and leave a livable planet for future generations.”

The offshore Vineyard Wind project is estimated to produce 800 megawatts of clean energy, provide power to some 400,000 homes and businesses, create 3,600 jobs, and cut carbon emissions by more than 1.6 million tons a year. The $2 billion project – the first of this size built in federal waters – will cover a 160,000-acre area of water about 30 km south of Martha’s Vineyard, near Cape Cod. The ultimate goal is to generate 3,200 megawatts of offshore wind by 2035.

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