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Society USA25. April 2021

Want to Feel Like You’re Back in the Office? Just Light These Candles!

A design agency based in New York, United States, has crafted a new line of scented candles that, instead of evoking floral and pretty smells, conjures a place reminiscent of their consumers’ pre-pandemic life: the office!

“As scented-candle makers, they naturally want to make things smell good and had some concerns with what we were trying to achieve with the scents,” says Thibault Gerard, creative director at R/GA and co-creator of Eau d’Office, who first gave out those candles as a goodbye gift for colleagues. “For us, it was less about creating ‘perfume perfect scents and more about combining some of the scents to conjure a specific memory.”

Gerard and his partner Katie Facada developed six candles to choose from to remind consumers of their office spaces and their previous routine. Inspired by the smells of breakfast time, printer ink, sushi, a coffee rush or a six-hour workshop, the candles are designed to please consumers who are nostalgic of their former, pre-pandemic life.

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