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Society USA27. July 2021

Big Budget Goes to Education – and Ensures Free Meals for Students!

The state of California, United States, has allocated a huge part of its upcoming budget to children of all ages, including through funding universities, community colleges and kindergarten for four-year-olds.

“We’ve been waiting for decades to have student aid that helps people. We’ve been waiting to restore our schools financially,” says senator John Laird. “I don’t think anybody has had a budget like this in front of them for a generation, if not longer. We should be proud of this budget.”

Thanks to this budget, child care will be expanded, universal transitional kindergarten for four-year-olds will be added over the next five years, and the country’s first free breakfast and lunch for all students will be created. California intends to massively fund universities and community colleges throughout the state and establish a $25 billion reserve for schools from all levels and community colleges.

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