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Environment Canada16. August 2021

Shipping Containers Are Perfect to Swim in, Decides This Company

A Canadian company has taken up the challenge of converting shipping containers into swimming pools, thus repurposing these giant metal boxes and preventing them from piling up and rusting away.

“Turning [cargo] into something that you can use for 30 years on your property [is] probably the best form of recycling we can do,” says Paul Rathnam, founder of Modpools, who has been converting shipping containers into usable spaces like office units through his other business venture ModPro.

Modpools buys containers that made a single trip across the Pacific from China and that are as dent-free and clean as possible. They can then be turned into infinite pools or a pool-hot tub combination, and a window can also be added on the side. Their in-ground, above-ground, or partially above-ground pools are relatively easy to install too – usually within a day. Since 2017, some 800 Modpools have been installed across North America, and about 150 are in the works at the Vancouver-based factory.

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