While Australian activists acknowledged that the commitment reinstates the nation as a longstanding partner, many had hoped the newly elected Labor government would topple the pledge from 2019 and deliver an investment closer to $450 million. Photo Credit: Karin Schermbrucker / UNICEF

HealthSociety The World9. October 2022

Countries Band Together to Fight Deadly Diseases

Many countries have just funded the seventh replenishment for the Global Fund to fight HIV, Tuberculosis, and Malaria.

The Global Fund has saved around 50 million lives in the past 20 years. The foundation requires about $18 billion in donations in order to fight deadly diseases and strengthen global pandemic preparedness. So far, $14.25 billion in global donations have been donated for its seventh replenishment.

Notable donors include the United States, Japan, Germany, France Luxembourg, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Ireland, South Korea, and Spain, who all increased their former Global Fund contribution by 30%. Indonesia gave for the first time and Uganda upped its donation by 50% from its 2019 pledge. Australia alone donated $266 million to the Global Fund – and while noteworthy, activists continue to urge the nation to contribute more. Ultimately, both Tuberculosis and Malaria are preventable and curable, and the Global Fund is fighting to ensure a brighter future for the victims of these diseases.

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