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AnimalsSociety USA18. November 2021

Dolphins Don’t Belong in Small Tanks (and Online Travel Giants Are Doing Something About It!)

Expedia is the latest of many companies to stop selling tickets to “swim with dolphins” performances: the travel brand’s updated policy comes after five years of pressure from PETA and supporters, who urged the travel company to reject cruel wildlife practices.

Expedia joined companies such as TripAdvisor, Southwest Airlines, and Mastercard to drop SeaWorld after becoming aware of the extent of cruelty these sentient beings are subject to at certain SeaWorld events. PETA explains that events such as “swim with dolphins” confine dolphins and whales to small tanks, forcing them to swim in endless circles. These unnatural conditions have been proven to negatively affect the health of these aquatic creatures, leading to premature death 100% of the time. 

PETA and supporters’s unceasing pressure is spreading awareness to companies and consumers. PETA Executive Vice President, Tracy Reiman, said in a statement: “PETA urges people to take note and do their part by refusing to support such animal-exploiting operations.” Expedia is thankfully not the first, and hopefully not the last, company to stop selling tickets to SeaWorld’s “swim with dolphins” performances after being educated on the reality of these unfortunate events. 


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