Methane gas leaks from pipeline at Bally in Howrah district in West Bengal, India on June 20, 2015. Photo Credit: NurPhoto via Getty Images

Environment USA10. November 2021

Donors Pledge Millions to Curb Methane Emissions

Philanthropists have decided to fund democratic efforts aimed at halting and reducing global methane emissions, and with some $220 million, it is the largest private donation ever dedicated to this potent agent of climate change.

A coalition of 20 donors, including former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, will financially support measures – such as technical support and expertise – meant to lower methane emissions and reduce warming by at least 0.2oC by 2050.

Under the leadership of the United States and the European Union, an agreement was made to cut emissions of methane by 30% in time for the end of the decade. Twenty-four new countries have joined the agreement, for a total of 33.

AP News

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