Fruit and vegetables wrapped in plastic at a supermarket in Madrid. Photo Credit: Víctor Sainz

Environment Spain13. October 2021

“Stop Plastic Wrapping Fruits and Veggies,” Says This Country

Starting 2023, Spain won’t allow supermarkets and grocery stores to sell fruits and vegetables in plastic wrapping anymore, as part of a series of measures meant to reduce the use of plastic across the country.

Spain wishes to “fight the overuse of packaging in the most effective way,” says a spokesperson of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, since plastic pollution “has exceeded all limits.”

The ban will also apply to products weighing less than 1.5 kg, to encourage the purchase of unpackaged goods, unless they are “at risk of deteriorating when sold loose.” Among other measures, there will be the promotion of non-bottled water, thus the installation of more drinking fountains in public spaces. Through this decree, the country wishes to cut in half the sale of plastic bottles for drinks by 2030 and to make 100% of all packaging recyclable.

El País

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