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Technology USA30. June 2020

Touch-Free Elevator Buttons: Designers Are Working on New Ways to Reduce the Spread of a Virus

As we get ready for a new post-pandemic reality, designers have been building zero-touch tech prototypes that help you keep your hands away from virus-covered surfaces.

“None of our physical spaces were designed for post-quarantine existence, and so we imagine that for these spaces to reopen in any sort of meaningful way, we have to give it a lot more thought,” says Joel Krieger, chief creative officer at the experience design agency Second Story.

As part of their new program called Adaptive Spaces, Second Story is now working with businesses and organizations to find better ways to limit the spread of a virus – such as creating voice technology to replace touchscreens or building an elevator button that can be pressed by simply hovering a finger over it, instead of touching it.

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