European flags in front of the Berlaymont building, headquarters of the European Commission in Brussels. Photo Credit: Travel_Motion via Getty Images, Video: European Parliament

Environment Belgium28. April 2021

Europe’s Climate Plans Just Got a Whole Lot Greener

After 15 hours of negotiation, the European Union came to a bold agreement to increase its 2030 plan to cut CO2 emissions and to become climate neutral by 2050 – making it the most ambitious climate target yet.

“We have agreed to write climate neutrality in a binding law and thus set the roadmap for climate policy for the next 30 years,” says Frans Timmermans, the responsible Vice President of the European Commission.

The CO2 emissions will be cut by 55% compared to 1990 levels. The cut was previously fixed at 40%. Also part of the new agreement is climate neutrality by 2050, meaning that a net-zero emissions balance is achieved when greenhouse gas released in the atmosphere is neutralized.


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