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Society United Kingdom29. April 2021

From Now On, Fewer People Will Fly to Business Meetings That Could Be Held Online

40% of European business travelers intend to stick to conference calls once traveling restrictions are lifted instead of flying for in-person meetings, following a change in habits and legitimate worries over climate change.

“Flying for business meetings burns up time and money, as well as our climate,” said Alethea Warrington, campaigner at climate action charity Possible. “This polling shows that after a year of quick and easy virtual meetings, travelers aren’t planning to go back to business as usual.”

Around 1,400 people based in the UK, Denmark, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Germany took the poll. 40% of them said that they would take fewer business flights, and 5% plan to stop flying for business purposes once restrictions are lifted. Air travel accounts for 2.5% of total fossil fuel emissions, but videoconference services are changing the name of the game: according to the poll conducted for the philanthropic group European Climate Foundation, travel restrictions have had no effect on productivity for 55% of the respondents.

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