Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farmer is working on his field in Ghent, Belgium. Photo Credit: NurPhoto

Environment Belgium27. May 2020

EU Wants to Make Farming Much, Much Greener Over the Next Decade

The European Commission has proposed a plan to reduce pesticide use by half in the European Union within the next decade, as part of a plan to transform towards a healthier and more sustainable agricultural system.

The plan also includes increasing the share of organic farming by 25% and reducing the use of fertilizers by 20% within the same period, as well as dropping sales of antimicrobials for farmed animals by half.

The Commission says that the coronavirus pandemic has proven how rising biodiversity loss can impact our society’s vulnerability to outbreaks, highlighting “how crucial a well-functioning food system is for our society”.

The plan consists of two main strategies. The first is the biodiversity strategy, which seeks to take measures to fight biodiversity loss, such as by restoring damaged ecosystems, improving the condition of protected habitats and species in the EU, creating green cities and reducing pollution. The second is the farm to fork strategy, which aims to “enable the transition to a sustainable EU food system that safeguards food security and ensures access to healthy diets”.


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