New skyline at sunset, Milan, Lombardy region, Italy. Photo Credit: Francesco Vaninetti Photo/Getty Images

Environment Italy9. November 2023

Fewer Cars in the City for Less Air Pollution

Milan may ban cars in its city centre starting in 2024 due to extremely high pollution levels.

“It’s a small thing, but at the same time it’s a historic thing,” says Milan’s mayor Giuseppe Sala.

Milan ranks among Europe’s most polluted cities due to the high volume of fine particles contributing to poor air quality and risk to human health. Currently, Milan’s levels are almost four times higher than the amount deemed safe by the World Health Organization. Should the proposed measure pass, only those accessing their private garage or car parking, as well as taxis and public transport, would be allowed to drive within the city centre. Cameras will be implemented, and a fine will be given should individuals break the new rules. Milan is among other major European cities, including Stockholm and Paris, considering similar bans, resulting in more pedestrian-friendly city centres.


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