The 4,000 hectares bought by Andrew and Jane Clifford are estimated to be home to more than 100 vertebrate species including the koala. Photo Credit: Jamie Lamb/ Images

AnimalsEnvironment Australia24. November 2022

From Private Land to Animal Sanctuary

A property in New South Wales, Australia, has been acquired by philanthropists for conservation purposes since it is home to the endangered koala and more than 10 other threatened animals.

“The success of this new sanctuary is important not only for the future of native wildlife but for the conservation landscape of Australia,” explains Tim Allard, chief executive at the Australian Wildlife Conservancy. “It will demonstrate to the rest of the world what can be done with private land to create better outcomes for Australia’s biodiversity and provides hope for threatened native wildlife and their habitats.”

Andrew and Jane Clifford acquired the 4,000-hectare land in the Hunter region, north of Newcastle, to turn it into a sanctuary that more than 100 vertebrate species call home, including the koala and 11 other endangered species. Three mostly intact forests surround the property, including the Ghin-Doo-Ee national park. This acquisition helps connect forests, a crucial aspect of conservation since it facilitates the movement of animals from one place to another. In an effort to boost private land conservation work, the Victorian government is allocating $31 million to private landholders.

The Guardian

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