Giant petrel flying over the waves in the Drake Passage. Photo Credit: Rafi Ben-Shahar/Getty Images

Animals Chile10. July 2024

Rare Seabird Comes Back to Its Nesting Home in a Big Conservation Win

After decades of absence, the Peruvian Diving Petrel, a rare seabird, has returned to nest on the Parajos Uno Island off Chile’s coast, making this comeback a significant victory for dedicated bird conservation efforts.

“It was so thrilling to discover these nesting pairs so soon after the island was restored,” says María José Vilches, Island Restoration Specialist at Island Conservation. “Knowing these birds will be safe from predators gives me hope for the survival of the species!”

Island Conservation, a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring island ecosystems worldwide, launched a project in August 2020 to eliminate predators like rats and restore the island’s natural balance. Predator-free since December 2022, the island was ready to welcome the Peruvian Diving Petrel – locally known as yuncos – through “social attraction,” a clever strategy involving audio recordings of bird calls to entice the birds back to their former nesting grounds. The Parajos Uno Island restoration project offers hope for other regions facing similar conservation challenges. Seabirds play a crucial role in maintaining the health of island ecosystems.


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