Beech forest in Urkiola Natural Park, Spanish Basque Country, Spain. Photo Credit: Sergio Formoso/Getty Images

Environment The World20. February 2024

Good News: World’s Forests Are Doing Better Than We Think!

The latest reports reveal that the world’s forests may be doing better than we think.

Countries around the world have remarkedly increased their forest cover in recent years, evidence that we are capable of reversing some of the damage from human-induced climate change. England alone has more forest cover today that at any time since the Black Death of the mid-1300s.

Other leading examples are China, – whose forest cover has increased by about 607,000 square kilometres since 1992, a region the size of Ukraine – the European Union, the United States, and India. Planted forests alongside natural forests make up a significant part of the land mass of many countries today, and deforestation has slowed drastically in many parts of the world due to the climate emergency and a reduced need for wood-based industries. The good news of increased forest cover on all corners of the Earth should not take away from our dedicated effort to slow the climate crisis but encourage us to keep pushing through.

Economic Times

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