Jews in Occupied Europe. Photo Credit: Wiener Holocaust Library Collections

Society United Kingdom7. February 2021

You Can Now Read Holocaust Testimonies Online – and in English

The Wiener Holocaust Library in London, United Kingdom, announced that hundreds of testimonies from Holocaust survivors have been digitalized, made available online and, for the first time, translated into English.

“We must not turn away from the hardest truths about the Holocaust, or about the world in which the Holocaust happened,” says Toby Simpson, the library’s director.

So far, the Testifying to the Truth: Eyewitness to the Holocaust archive includes 380 accounts, and the remaining 1,185 will go online by the end of the year. “Under no circumstances must this material, written or unwritten, get lost,” says Eva Reichmann, the library’s head of research. “It has to be preserved for the future historian.”

The library is named after Alfred Wiener, who gathered evidence of persecution of Jews in the 1920s and 1930s Germany. His work against Nazism became the basis for the library which now contains testimonies, letters, scholarly reports, and other materials. It is possible to conduct research by subject, date range, and name.

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