Image Credit: bearfotos/Freepik, Video: PBS/Nature

AnimalsEnvironment Spain10. September 2023

Humans, Horses, and Bison Work Together to Fight Wildfires

Spain and Portugal are pioneering a project using endangered horses and bison to help prevent wildfires.

“These endangered animals are playing a crucial role in clearing scrubland and vegetation that serve as fuel for devastating blazes,” says Joanna Adhem of Euro News Green. As the animals graze, “firebreaks” are created which drastically reduce the risk of wildfire spread.

The Garrano horses are an endangered population with only around 1,500 individuals remaining – a number that is slowly rising thanks to conservation efforts. Garrano horses innately consume approximately 30 kilograms of vegetation daily and can be used for sustainable fire prevention strategies without forcing any unnatural behaviors. Coined “eco-grazing,” this project is considered to be mutually beneficial to humans, animals, and the environment.


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