A hummingbird feeding on purple plants in Bogota. Photo Credit: Richard Silver Photo via Getty Images

Animals Colombia15. December 2020

Come to the Park of Tiny Birds to Escape City Stress

A reforested hill on the outskirts of Bogotá has been converted into a hummingbird sanctuary where the citizens of Colombia’s capital can step away from noise and stress.

“Sometimes it doesn’t seem real because we are close to a city of eight million inhabitants who generate noise every day,” says trail supervisor Camilo Cantor. “You can hear noise from the city, the generation of pollution, aggressiveness. This trail in Monserrate is like an oasis, where a person can come, let go of their stress and excess baggage.”

The 300-meter Paramuno corridor is located in a forest reserve and on good days, it is possible to see between 25 and 35 different species of birds. At the moment, the sanctuary is home to 115 bird species, including 18 types of tiny hummingbirds but also migratory birds.

Awara Musafir

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