A Dark Sky Sanctuary must have exceptionally starry nights. Photo Credit: Steve Porter via Bardsey Island Trust

Environment Wales12. March 2023

Island Gets Designated a Very Special Protection Status

The Welsh island of Ynys Enlli has become the first designated International Dark Sky Sanctuary in Europe, joining only `16 others in the world.

“It’s a privilege to be able to work toward protecting something that is pristine for future generations. I am always in awe of the island’s beauty – and the night sky is very much a part of that,” says Mari Huws, a warden on the island.

International Dark Sky Sanctuaries are some of the most remote, darkest places on the planet with exceptionally low light pollution. The Ynys Enlli island only has two year-round residents, but myriad wildlife calls it home. At a time when light pollution increases globally, the newly-founded Dark Sky Sanctuary is a beacon of hope.

Smithsonian Magazine

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