Susana Somali, 55, at the Pejaten Animal Shelter which she founded. Photo Credit: Nivell Rayda, Video: CNA

Heroes Indonesia17. September 2020

Meet the Woman Who Gave a Sanctuary to More Than 1,000 Stray Dogs

Susana Somali has saved more than 1,000 dogs since she opened the Pejaten Animal Shelter, one of Indonesia’s largest animal shelters, in 2009. And since the COVID-19 pandemic started, ten new dogs show up every day at the shelter.

“Some animals do get adopted. But the ratio is very low. For every animal adopted, ten new ones are rescued and taken here,” ”says Somali, who has been on the frontline fighting COVID-19 as a clinical pathologist. “For the majority of the dogs here, this is their sanctuary. Their home from hereafter.”

Since the pandemic outbreak, the shelter relies solely on donations which used to cover only 10 to 20% of the expenses before. It employs 30 people who prepare food, takes sick dogs to the vet, or survey adopter’s homes. Whatever the reason for their coming, the shelter will always welcome newcomers. “I will never stop helping animals in need. It is my calling.”

Channel News India

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