Bikes in front of a yellow building facade in Paris, France. Photo Credit: Alexander Spatari/Getty Images

Environment France29. April 2024

The City of Love to Be Fully Bikeable Within Two Years

In recent years, Paris, France, has seen an incredible boom in bike use and the creation of biking infrastructure.

“The city wants every trip [during the Olympics] to be done either by active mobility or by public transportation, so I think this year should be the most active, most accessible, and environmentally friendly for mobility,” says Natalia Ciciarello, Shared Mobility Manager for the City of Paris.

A €250 million investment is aiming to make the city entirely bikeable by 2026. So far, more than 1,000 kilometres of bike paths are available for cyclists in the French capital, up from 200 kilometres in 2001. These routes will be particularly useful throughout the city’s upcoming summer Olympic games, keeping traffic congestion down and promoting active mobility. Indeed, thanks to the various public bicycle services readily available, residents and visitors alike profit from Paris’s transportation transformation.


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